I believe there is something to this which has prompted the trends to greys & navys.

There are plenty of articles and blogs written about the influence of color in your home.

The most common is when talking about children’s rooms.   Although, there is something in which to consider when choosing a color to paint your kitchen or cabinets. Focus groups are conducted by the major paint manufacturers to pass on popular opinion and any science behind paint colors.

Along with the leaders in the field of interior design, they report that yellows, reds and even warm tones of whites, on large portions of kitchen walls, may increase your appetite leading to food cravings.

While cooler tones such as greys, blues and greens are thought to suppress the tendency to snack. These kitchen and dining room colors are often discussed as relating to the color of foods themselves.

Such as red, like jelly beans, raises your blood pressure and seems to encourage hearty eating.

While black, brown, and dark tinted greys invoke thoughts of burnt or spoiled unappetizing foods.

Greens or cobalt blues are popular in fast-food restaurants. Along with the images of food also seen on the walls of this establishments, they create calm and fun atmospheres in which to eat.

My opinion, if you like a warm color serve it up in a healthy dose by compromising. Paint your saturated orange on one wall instead of all of them.

If you are going to paint all the walls, I prefer blue greys, slate khaki’s, or navies with white gloss stunning trims.  Then, I can dress the counters with bright flowers, fruit, or appliances when I feel the need for color.


Remember:  You can paint one wall and match the hardware to get your vibrant hot color.