Professional Development

At Finglas Painting, we believe professional development has the greatest impact on quality work and sustainability, both for our brand and business and for our community. Like those who guided us, we feel obligated to invest in our industry by passing on our knowledge, craftsmanship and work ethic to future generations.

Apprentice Program

We offer dynamic apprenticeship programs that are customized by specialty. We offer 60 days of on-the-job, side-by-side training with expert technicians, each of whom teaches a specific aspect of the craft:

  • Sculpting. Whether working with curved or straight pieces or dealing with unusual angles, getting hardwood flooring to seamlessly match the respective walls is a craft unlike any other.
  • Sanding. Sanding, molding and smoothing different species of woods requires specialized knowledge of techniques, dustless technology and machinery.
  • Staining. Staining by hand produces better results. We take particular pride in teaching this traditional, tested method.
  • Finishing. Learn finish-sealant application techniques and how to gauge the need for multiple coats. We always want to leave with a job best done.

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