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Attention Designers:

Oil Based Trims – Wow Clients!

We are Fine Paints of Europe Oil-based Hollandlac Brilliant Painters ….for ALL Trims — at no extra cost to our Designer Bosses !!!!!



Hollandlac BRILLIANT High Gloss Trims have YOUR customers calling you back!



Finglas Painting is a…Fine-Paints-of-Curope-Paiinter

Along with Benjamin Moore, for Rich Pigment we also paint with:


Call us… We are the professional painters for Interior Designers


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Our work is designed to integrate seamlessly with yours.

In fact, we build in meeting times to discuss concepts, review ideas, and plan paint projects that dovetail perfectly with your vision. For example, your (and the homeowner’s) color choices could demand application of a paint system. The result is a beautiful living environment that’s both organic and original. 

More on how we commit ourselves to aligning with designers to make your jobs easier:


We Work with Property Managers

Whether at a condo complex or a private community, getting to know the gatekeepers enables a job to run smoothly. We happily provide references, insurance coverage and licenses necessary to ensure the comfort of property management and building superintendents.  

We Offer Our Portfolio to Your Clients


We’re here to help you look great (and vice versa!), and our portfolio is designed to complement yours. Share it with your clients!

We’re a Sounding Board On Colors and Finishes

We welcome questions and can recommend the best ways to solve aesthetic or functional problems. We keep up on the latest industry trends in paint/paint systems, odor combatants, applications, equipment, and, most importantly, finish combinations that help give a room the depth or warmth your clients desire.

We work with “paint systems” if you have this need

In some situations the best solution is a series of related, layered finishes that add a luxurious feel. 

A paint system is a series of complementary finishes, often within a color palette, that enhances the look of a room or its elements. For example, this could mean a primer coat that reacts with consecutive opaque coats to add brilliance to the color. As Victorian and Georgian trained painters, we’re known for applying high-gloss moldings that complement satin-finished walls.  

“I had hired, and fired two other painting companies before my contractor asked me to meet with Jody (Owner of Finglas Painting). In my job I deal with fabrics and colors all day so I knew what I wanted. Even when I was being ludicrous, (giving Jody leather swatches from a pair of shoes I designed) He never flinched, he got the color and figured out that if we buffed the walls out with Butchers Wax he could make it look like leather! I now have a dining room that matches my shoes.”
Vanessa V., Armonk, NY