Lead Paint Renovators

Lead paint is not something we take lightly.


At Finglas Painting, we believe no client should have to worry about removal of old, hazardous paint. We take every precaution to ensure it–and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will attest to it.

Common renovation, repairs and painting that disturb lead-based paint (such as sanding, cutting, replacing windows, and more) can create lead dust and chips that can be harmful to adults, children and pets. Finglas Painting offers EPA-certified services for homes built before 1978. We make clear to clients who own older homes that we will follow every EPA rule and code for ensuring safety during and after a job. What you can expect:

  • Company certification by the EPA.
  • Our supervisors undergo EPA-approved and certified training.
  • We minimize generation of lead dust.
  • We contain any dust that is generated.
  • We wear special shoe covers to avoid tracking.
  • We hermetically seal the whole area (and post warning signage for visitors).
  • We’ll wipe down every surface.
  • Thorough cleanup – we use HEPA vac during and after renovation.
  • We check with an inspector on everything painted, including walls, wood and brick
  • You’ll be briefed on all remediation techniques used.

For more information, visit the EPA website or email us at Finglas Painting, your lead renovator in Westchester, Connecticut and New York City.