Decorative Finishes

Finglas Painting offers a full range of decorative finishes including faux, Venetian plaster, Mediterranean stucco, and marbleizing. Call or click to request a free estimate.

Interior Painting Specialist

We plan for all kinds of possibilities: whether all walls will need a skim coat prior to painting, whether primer must be tinted to improve coverage, whether a specific base coat—entailing paint system paints—is needed to react to a given color to provide depth. We discuss each option with you, so you can make an informed decision on whether to use different hues or employ the full breadth of your chosen colors’ requirements.

Our gallery typifies our attention to detail. We know that the rooms you live in are your family’s comfort zones (they’re ours too). We employ craftsmanship and care to create environments that motivate, energize, or calm.

Finglas Painting follows a well-honed process that focuses on customer satisfaction. We begin by learning about your needs, budget, and timing requirements. We’ll provide an accurate estimate. Throughout the project, we’ll give attention to every detail. While we won’t cut corners, we’ll show you effective, efficient ways to get a stellar job done.