7 Questions Every Homeowner Must Ask Before Hiring a Painter

Who’s your painter? Whether you’re creating a nursery or recreating a Victorian’s original look, the right professional can be the difference between a long-lasting showplace and a long (and expensive) road to repainting. Here are seven questions to ask before you sign a contract.



Do they have a specialized knowledge (such as how to light the room when prepping)—and the experience to match—that dovetails well with your project? How long has the painter been in business (and in your area)? What are their qualifications? Do they stay updated on all the requirements and education? Do they seek out new techniques and products?



Is the painter a master with a brush, or do they rely on rollers? Will they sand by hand or machine (and where)? Will they recommend oil-based products, load up on latex, or do a bit of both (and why)? Will they offer advice on colors and paint systems, work with interior designers or leave it all up to you? What’s their process, and how much time will it take? And if you have pets, how will they handle making sure the pets are safe and secure?



Get (and contact) references from anyone you’re considering, the more local the better. Ask if you can stop by to see the work (during the day if possible, when natural light can tell a clearer story than light bulbs can). And check out reviews and ratings from sources like Angie’s List.



Ask about how many people will be working on your project (and when), and what is their experience as painters. Who’ll be there to supervise?



Any painter can promise you a great finished product. The best should be able to anticipate trouble spots, spell out solutions, offer alternatives, and estimate extra time and labor that may be needed. Especially with older homes, make sure to review potential problems—and related costs—during the walk-through.




Some like to toss out the lowest and highest quotes you get and settle somewhere in between. But as long as you’re within your budget, price shouldn’t be your prime consideration. While there’s a difference between cutting corners and painting them with precision, you may not get what you pay for—or you may get a lot more. So weigh every factor—experience, knowledge, skill, references, time estimates, personality—before you decide. In the end, a great paint job is about value, not cost.




Is painting and related crafts all the pro does, or do they dabble in, say, tile work one week and carpentry the next? Fine and faux finishing? Furniture refinishing? Can your pro sandblast, repaint and restore your great old birdcage to like-new glory? And what other top tradesmen are in their Rolodex? Bottom line: You should find out everything the painter—and contractors with whom they have established relationships—can do to make your project everything you’d ever wanted!


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Meet Jody

Jody Finglas
Jody Finglas
Finglas Painting came to our attention when we chose to bring up a New York City designer. She was familiar with a particular line of High Gloss Oil products made by a company called Fine Paints of Europe that we fell in love with. Finglas Painting is one of a very select group of companies certified and trained by FPE at their facility in Vermont. The finishes they applied in our Westchester home were nothing short of amazing. I really can’t say enough about this company. Do yourself a favor, if you’re looking for high end quality work you have to hire these guys.
I was amazed not only by the overall quality of the work, but the attention given to every little detail. It seemed like nothing was too small to be overlooked. Based on my experience and the results we got I would recommend Finglas Painting to anyone who is looking for a first class job – at surprisingly reasonable prices.
Bob K., North Salem
My husband and I were very pleased with the work and professionalism of Jody and his team. Finglas Painting had come highly recommended and they provided the icing on the cake for the renovation of our home. Best of all, Finglas Painting was surprisingly reasonable and accurate in their estimate. They finished the work on time and went the extra mile. When I was approached for a reference for their site, I didn’t hesitate for a second.
Joanne C., Greenwich, CT
Finglas Painting, Inc. was referred to us through our Realtor when we bought our home. The house is over 60 years old and we had numerous issues that had to be addressed, none more important than the EPA Lead Law that pertained to our new old house. Finglas Painting never slowed down once, they addressed all issues and concerns we had about the project. Jody even went as far as to set up a meeting with the EPA Inspector in our area to put our mind at ease. I have never seen such a level of professionalism and concern for the welfare of a client as this company provided.
Jeff & Robin T., Greenwich, CT


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