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 residential paintering in westchester, nyc, ct

The walls should complement what you’re putting on them.

We’ll walk with you through and around your home to review every detail. We’ll tell you upfront if certain areas or requirements will affect our labor (and cost), offer alternatives gleaned from our knowledge and experience, and discuss all your options. This way you can make informed decisions based on your dreams—and your budget.

We’ll handle all legal documentation needed for the job beforehand. And during the job, I’ll meet with my staff on-site, every day to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

The result will be a beautiful coating that’s easy to maintain and is there for you to enjoy for many years to come. Scroll to see how your interior project will work.

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Anyone can paint. Finglas refines. If you want your home to go beyond the ordinary, or you simply seek true craftsmanship at an extraordinary value, we’re the professionals you need. View our portfolio >

The Finglas team will spend two to four days on an average-size room. Our process:

Preparing the space



Proper prep is critical to every project.

With drywall, we remove all furniture from the room—not just tent it in the middle. This protects your home against dust and splatter that can get everywhere.

  • We label all furniture, artwork*, wall plates, and anything else removed from the room.
  • To protect flooring, we use quality drop cloths that absorb drips and stay in place.
  • Walls are sponged clean and spackled (we use Plaster of Paris to repair deeper dents).
  • We repair stress cracks with a durable, rubber spray-on primer.
  • We fix wood cracks with a wood filler, not spackle, to ensure long-lasting repairs.
  • We use a two-step sanding process for all walls, including those that have been prepainted, to ensure that new paint will bond properly.
  • We use a special technique to “bed” top-quality protective tape.
  • For bathrooms, we wash down walls with a bleach-and-water solution, then caulk to repair cracks.

* We remove artwork but require that you re-hang it to your specifications.

Priming the walls and trim


Good “starts” make great finishes.

The right coat means the right seal. We use an alcohol or alkyd primer to provide a solid, even base that seals, stains to ensure that the topcoats of paint will apply smoothly and bond securely to surfaces. We stay away from the latex that DIY’ers (and many general contractors) typically get in big-box stores.

Applying the color


Better paint pays off.

We recommend using high-quality paints and finishes, which offer the best value for the money due to better pigments, resins and additives, along with fewer solvents, than typically cheaper paints. The result is superior coverage, protection, and durability. For trim, we use latex or environment-friendly, low-VOC oil-based paint systems.

Drying and Finishing

paint-can– To ensure the paint remains and no unwanted marks are left when the tape is removed—especially from baseboards and trim—we take the extra time to first score it with a utility knife.


Check out some recent projects

Many of the Westchester homes we’ve painted have grown to be “old friends.” We painted the Scarsdale home at left twice in 16 years—once to sell it and a second time to bring smiling faces back to the happy owners. Click the “portfolio” at right to view some fine residential work in Westchester and New York City.