Finglas Painting has had the privilege of working with a number of outstanding local companies.

When we see a specialist, whose work exemplifies the kind of quality in which we pride ourselves, we don’t hesitate to recommend them

Fine Paints of Europe

John Lahey, CEO and President of the Northeast Region of FPE is our partner in all uses of Fine Paints of Europe oil based brilliant paints. The Hollandlac ® Brilliant in Satin and High Gloss are our standard paints used in trim.

David L. Scharf & Co. Inc.

David L. Scharf & Co. has been in the residential building and woodworking business since 1986. Their fully equipped shop handles all of our woodworking needs, from small runs of custom molding profiles to thousands of linear feet of custom paneling.

Harlow Designs , LLC.

Harlow designs is our interior designer, kitchen and baths property management and staging partner.