This consideration of your interior to exterior color relationship usually happens when you are picking your exterior color.  Although, while you are painting rooms in your home, you should have a color palette that you are following.  Using secondary and tertiary colors is a good way to create a pleasant environment with contrasts, while tones of colors can help transition from room to room.

So my best advise for choosing our exterior color is to decide whether your home palette is built on contrast or tones of colors.  Then pick a tone of one of the more dominant colors.  Also, understand the category of your decorating enables you to decide if the accent should be contrast.  It is transitional which can have tones with some contrast? Or, it your home a more traditional design palette and look, which is based heavily in more contrasting colors?  It could be contemporary, or even a very popular look of earthy dark tones used together such as in a gentlemen farmer type of style.  Give your self a few options in exterior color combinations and base them on the answers to these questions.


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This is how the best of the designers help my clients.  I have a few great ones if you would like to have them help you with this decision.  Hopefully you pick well in your painter.  Better Painting professionals understand the premium paints far outweigh saving short term money.  And with these paints come a wonderful array of organic pigments lending themselves to fun brilliantly pleasing colors.  Call me to get more information!

I hope this was helpful.  Let me know.